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Wealth management refers to the coordination of various strategies that encompasses all phases of your financial life, from accumulation of assets, to risk management, to tax strategies, to retirement and estate planning.

The easiest way to conceptualize wealth management is to think of it as the logistical transitions of your financial life:

  1. The accumulation of wealth. Construction of a solid, financial base sufficient to pursue your financial objectives.
  2. The protection of wealth. Creation of a strategy aimed at preserving your assets from erosion due to unexpected expenses, inflation, market decline, and taxes.
  3. The tax-advantaged distribution of wealth during life. Development of a sophisticated tax management plan to enhance your asset base by minimizing your tax burden and allowing you to distribute your assets according to your wishes.
  4. The tax-advantaged distribution of wealth at death. Planning for the controlled distribution of your assets at death – to whom you want, when you want and at the lowest possible cost.

Wealth management planning pursues answers to those tough economic questions and decisions that come with modern living. The Lifetime Asset Management Plan (L.A.M.P) provides for solutions to these issues through our various services and products.

  1. The Initial Interview - At our initial meeting, we assess whether there is a fit between your goals and our capabilities, and whether it is mutually beneficial to work together.
  2. Asset Discovery - In the discovery process, we will analyze your current financial situation in order to provide guidance toward your financial plan.
  3. L.A.M.P - Your plan will provide a clear view of your goals and objectives, while identifying risks and opportunities.  We will discuss strategies and solutions to navigate your financial future.
  4. Implementation - Once the details of your plan have been agreed upon, it is then time to implement the plan.  We work together to consolidate your assets and deliver the solutions necessary to put all elements of your plan in place.
  5. Perpetual Management - Now that we see our responsibility, we can also manage each other’s expectations.  We will work together as partners to navigate your financial future; monitoring market conditions, balancing risk and reward, and searching for opportunities.
  6. Communication - Through periodic contact, we will provide you with informational updates which detail your progress towards your financial objectives, making any minor adjustments necessary.
  7. Annual Assessment - Each year, we will provide a detailed report outlining your portfolio’s performance.  We will openly discuss any changes to your financial needs or expectations.

Download our L.A.M.P. in Microsoft Powerpoint format

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